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A fully vested, family-owned and operated

business to serve your shipping needs


With over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry, we get it. We know what it's like to be a shipper, and we also know what it's like to be
a carrier; we've done both. As a 3PL brokerage, we work hard to connect shippers and carriers to provide an unmatched level of service that helps create lasting connections between the two.
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We know the ins and outs of how to get your product delivered on time in the most cost-effective and dependable way. We translate shipper expectations to our carriers and hold a high standard for communication on every load. We are dedicated to serving our shippers and our carriers, with integrity and loyalty being two core values that guide our decisions and investments with both parties.

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Temperature Controlled

With temperature controlled carriers, we transport all products requiring refrigeration and keep sensitive loads, i.e., your investment, dry and out of harm's way. Our specialty is reefer freight, primarily shipping loads of meat. In fact, since 2011 we've shipped over 15,000 truckloads of meat, and counting. We do it every day...and we do it very well. Currently our largest lanes are Nebraska, California, Texas, the Midwest and the Southeast, though we deliver throughout the country.

Valued Carrier Partnerships

We understand drivers and respect their hard work. To keep our trucks on the road and ensure on-time delivery, we pay our drivers within 24 hours and are vested in partnerships with a dedicated group of owner operators. We aim to create lasting partnerships with drivers who understand the importance of drop trailers on yard for shippers to meet timely loading deadlines and on-time departures, and to continually do business with people we trust and who trust the way we do business.

Trusted Shipper 

Our shippers most often quote our quick response time and dedicated, knowledgable account team as top reasons why they prefer doing business with us. We have a 95% rate of on-time deliveries with our current shippers and assist our drivers in every way possible to ensure your shipment is delivered on time. We value and respect your time and investment, and our goal is to connect both shippers and carriers to each other, creating a web of integrity through honest and reliable relationships.



Gary Martin

"My dad always told me to do whatever I did to the best of my ability. I never forgot his advice and I always want people to know me as a straight-shooter. I want people to want to work with my companies. I've worked hard to create a brokerage that embodies the best practices of the transportation industry that I have seen over the years."

Brice Durbin
Director of Operations & Client Development

"The most important part of my job is providing quick, flexible and accurate solutions for our shippers. I want to bring my experience to the table to help make their job easier. We take pride in being able to retain the best drivers in the industry to help us serve our shippers."

Tracy Griffin
Director of Operations

"This business is fast and I love it. Working closely with the Bluestem 

family of carriers is my niche, I respect these drivers and want to help them grow their business. We have professional, experienced 

drivers and together, we work hard

to provide the highest level of service to our shippers. "


We have hauled over 350 loads for them. Always keeping us loaded. Very friendly and responsible staff.


I've been working with Bluestem since Gary started this business. I have always found them to be fair, honest and dependable. They will always go to bat for you with the shippers and together they will find the best deal possible for everyone. Settlement checks are always on time. I don't plan on shopping for any other broker. 



Get a quote: 620-340-1038
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